You already have these spring trends in the closet – bet? ūüĆł

Shopping is fun, no question!¬†But how much fun does it make when you can recycle “old” basics out of the closet because they’re as hip as 2019?¬†

In terms of calendar, spring has long since arrived here, and even in terms of the weather, Peter seems to have taken a look and exchanged the gray soup outside for the long-awaited sunshine. Means for us: wool sweater and coat move up one floor in the closet and make room for our airy fashion favorites and one or the other part, which we got fresh in the stores. But do not panic: In terms of style in this season, right up front, you do not have to fall into a shopping madness or plunge into expenses. In truth, you have the very hot shit under warranty long in the closet. Betting?

1. denim jacket

When it comes to transition jackets, it’s our BFF: the denim jacket.¬†For years she has been one of the evergreens without whom no fashionista can live, and luckily nothing will change for the time being.¬†Whether in classic denim blue or bold in a bang – in 2019 everything is allowed in terms of Jenas!¬†Your model has the best years already behind or is an old relic from the wardrobe of your ex-boyfriends?¬†Good luck for you!¬†The used look is just super trendy and the oversized cut makes the denim jacket out of every girlie outfit a real power woman look.

2. Midi skirt or dress

Granted, we could never do without our beloved mini-dresses, but hardly any garments have gotten into our hearts in the past few years like the midi dress. The nice thing about it: The medium length keeps the occasional cool spring temperatures, it conjures up endless legs and is the icing on the cake of every look. Whether as a dress or as a skirt Рin the spring of 2019, everything that plays around our calves will come out big.

3. Lightweight top

Shake hands, who does not bother with thick knitwear! As cozy as wool sweaters in winter are, in spring we are happy to exchange them for silk blouses, chiffon tops or viscose shirts. Laid casually in the jeans or as an eye-catcher to the skirt (in midi length of course!) A light top in fresh colors is one of the absolute basics in terms of spring wardrobe. Incidentally, this year we are using loosely cut models in candycolours and / or animal print. You see, everything has been there before and luckily with a lifetime subscription in our closet.

5. Espadrilles

Since Coco Chanel and the 1930s, Espadrilles sweeten the warm season year after year.¬†And why should that change in 2019?¬†Just!¬†And that’s why we’ve come up with our favorite models out of the depths of our shoe closet and enjoy the Ibiza vibes they set in us.¬†Incidentally, it makes no difference whether you have a few flat, medium or dizzyingly high espadrilles, whether they are simply white, brightly colored or elaborate embroidery, whether they are tied at the ankle or simply closed with a buckle, whether they are Leather or linen are, whether they are … oh, we believe, you understand what we are aiming for!

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