Tried and tested: Beyoncés glue stick eyebrows and other beauty life hacks!

Every pro has his own secrets, including Beyoncé’s make-up artist Sir John. We’ve tested his unusual glue stick lifehack ourselves – click on the video and see if it really works!

Have you ever dreamed of looking like Beyoncé? We have to admit, so do we. Who can blame us? After all, she is a grenade at the age of 37 – and always looks fabulous. No wonder, she also has a make-up artist. Sir John has been making up the power woman for years, so we should take some tricks from him if we want Beyonce’s look. For example this one here:

Pritt pencil as Brauengel

When it comes to Make-up on Fleek, Sir John does not do half measures. In his so-called “Masterclasses” – or training – he teaches and shows his secret beauty tricks. One of them, however, has made us a bit suspicious: He uses Pritt pencil as eyebrow gel. I BEG YOUR PARDON?!?!?!?!? Does not sound healthy. If you want to imitate that, then you should be careful that nothing comes in or too close to the eyes. In an interview with Refinery 29, Sir John reveals: 

This is the best eyebrow gel in the world. After you have painted your eyebrows, you take a little pritt with a brush and combs it through the eyebrows. (…) I know it’s glue. But he will stay up all day, even if you sweat.

Does the trick really work? 
At the top of the video you can see that he has pros and cons in our text. 
Nevertheless, we would recommend you to resort to a brown gel that is really meant for the face. 
For example, the Benefit 24H Brow Setter or the Clear Brow Gel by Anastasia Beverly Hills are bombproof. 
You will not get any allergic reactions or burning in the eyes. 
Better safe than sorry. 
However, we have to admit that this strange trick has made us curious. 
We’ll try it for sure – and you ?! 

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