These are the trendiest trend colors for wedding guests

Choosing the perfect outfit for a wedding can be quite difficult – not just for the bride! To make your decision easier, we’ll reveal the three new trend colors for wedding guests. 


In recent years, the female wedding guests were felt only in all possible pink tones dressed. Sure, the delicate color makes for a romantic look and fits in unbelievably well with the feast of love. But those who would like to have a bit of variety will dress smartly in the pastel trendy colors of the season, making them the most chic guest on the whole wedding. 

The most important rule first: white is intended for the bride and an absolute no-go for the guests. Do not worry, of course we stick to the well-known dress code and therefore prefers a warm vanilla tone. He looks at least as fresh and noble. Especially dresses made of satin shine in this color dreamlike to the bet. Ballerinas or high heels with straps in warm brown tones make the wedding look particularly stylish and modern. We are convinced! 

Beautifully discreet and yet a real eye-catcher – ice blue. This color is anything but cold. Paired with silver jewelry and fine strappy sandals, the look makes our hearts beat faster. For the maid of honor we especially recommend dresses in ice blue, because they compliment the white wedding dress so beautifully. This focuses directly on the bride without you being in the shade. Win win! 

We admit it: Green quickly disappears when it comes to choosing the right wedding dress. The pastel version looks especially festive and elegant. Mint green, which reminds us of sweet pistachio ice cream, is in high demand this season. Why? It really flatters every woman, whether with a light or dark complexion. Especially for weddings that take place in the great outdoors, this sound is more than just fitting. We think we just fell in love.

Already decided for a color? Then we have picked out the most gorgeous dresses in the respective trend colors for you. 

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