Flawless Makeup – Blogger Mrs Bella reveals her ultimate trick

Perfect skin? Yes, please! Make-up artist and beauty blogger Mrs Bella has told us, with which trick she always succeeds. And we love him!

If we wear make-up, then we do not want one thing above all: to look like how much product has been applied. Also, if we have it maybe. To avoid that, there is an ingenious trick, the beauty blogger Mrs. Bella betrayed us in an interview.

Mrs Bella is one of Germany’s biggest beauty bloggers and, by the way, make-up artist. We asked her about her secret beauty tricks – and she told us something we did not know yet: 

One of my favorite tricks after the make-up application: Apply Fixing Spray – preferably one that is slightly sticky and really blatant – and then press with the moist Beauty Blender the small fuzz on the face to the skin , as long as the spray is still wet is. That really gives a Photoshop effect.

 By pressing on, we can make facial hair and make-up products more compatible and then “glue” together. This is how the skin looks even and perfect. But beware: Bella advises to apply the fixing spray in front of the mascara. If that is not waterproof, it can peel off and stamps off ugly. No thanks!

Light hand for much effect

If you use this technique, then you should only work in very light, oppressive movements so that you do not wipe away or blur your foundation. Then all the work was in vain. So that you can recognize the small facial hair better, you should look directly against the light. So you can also directly observe the Photoshop effect. How well she applies the technique, Bella also shows in a video on her YouTube channel. 

By the way, she uses the Maybelline Superstay 24H Setting Spray here. But you can theoretically take any fixing spray that you have at home. 

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