Fashion trend on Instagram: Everyone is wearing puffed sleeves again!

The fashion trend from childhood is back! Maybe we hated it back then, when our mother put us in little dresses with puffed sleeves. In the meantime, we are going full time again!

No matter where you look on Instagram, everywhere we see our favorite influencers with puff sleeves in a variety of variants and sizes. Inspired by our childhood, we can now decorate ourselves with playful details and feel like princesses. Yay! We’ll show you how to style the trend properly. 

The classic

Clothes like this come right to mind when we hear the phrase “puffed sleeve”: romantic design with floral pattern. Very classic! This is the best way to bring out our feminine side. The statement sleeves give every dress that certain something. And since the clothes season starts again, it does not hurt to stand out from the others with such small details. We would make Mama proud with this look! 

Modern styled

We bring the old days back, but this time styling the classic puff sleeves quite modern. For example, with plaid trousers or even with denim jeans. It does not always have to be high heels and sandals. Combat boots or sneakers ensure the perfect style break. So we bring together the best of both worlds!


Puffed sleeves now come in different shapes and variations. Have you ever heard of balloon sleeves? These are almost puffed sleeves in oversize. Here the volume does not stop at the shoulder but wanders along the arms. Since the balloon sleeve makes the upper body wider, one should emphasize his legs with narrow garments. Skinny jeans or shorts are therefore perfect and ensure a beautiful silhouette.

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